Who am I? ​​​​​​
Hey there! I'm Alyssa - a product designer with a background in research, UX/UI and extensive visual design experience. Dedicated to building experiences and relationships that enhance the lives of others through empathy, curiosity and collaboration. I'm passionate about all things design and especially using its power to improve the lives of others.

What drives me?
My goal as a product designer is to improve experiences through either physical and/or digital spaces. Throughout my journey in both areas of design, I've learned the importance of creating accessible and inclusive experiences and that it is crucial to the success of a product. My technical abilities, visual communication skills and capacity to empathize deeply with others are what drive me to create more thoughtful and engaging experiences for everyone.

My key skills include...
• Human-Centered Design Thinking
• Accessible and Inclusive Design
• Design Workshops
• User Research
• User Personas
• User Journeys | Flows | Storyboards
• Sketching | Wireframing | Prototyping
• Visual Design
• Design Systems
• Style Guides | Branding | Color Theory
• Usability Testing
My tools include, but are not limited to Miro | Figma | XD | Adobe CS | Usability Hub 
What else brings me joy?
When I'm not working on my design skills, you can find me baking something scrumptious, perusing the local antique stores, or out climbing mountains with my best friend, Winston.
Feel free to contact me for part-time or full-time opportunities. I am open to remote and hybrid positions. I look forward to connecting with you!
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